Natural Tyre Reclaim

A leading name in RECLAIM RUBBER manufacturing since 1985. Today our name stands for Quality, Commitment and Consistency
We are pioneers in this field with latest Plant & Machinery, manufacturing all grades of Reclaim Rubbers.We have two Ultra-Modern manufacturing plants with combined annual capacity of 19000 Metric Tons.
We are one of the very few Manufacturer in India producing High Tensile Reclaim Rubber( up to10Mpa in very Low Mooney viscosity) and White Reclaim ( up to 12 Mpa Tensile in Low Mooney Viscosity).
We have acquired “REACH” compliance Certificate for our Odourless Reclaim which is now being exported worldwide.

We manufacture Quality Natural Tyre Reclaims to cater to the ever expanding demand with a vision to make only International standards Reclaims.

SPI Produces good quality Natural Tyre Reclaim Rubber. This unique product is recycled out of scrap rubber such as worn out tyers & trend peeling. The finished product will be in the form of black sheet about 20mm thick and a length and breadth of about 100 x 70 cm Natural Tyre Reclaims is Recycled out of Worn out Tyres both Radial & Nylon based.

We make the standard four Grades – 444 ( Coarse ), 555 ( Medium ), SF ( Superfine ) & DND grade ( Fully Extruded but Non-sheeted Grade )

Reclaimed Rubber is cured rubber that has passed through a Thermo-Chemical process.

  • This process softens and swells the rubber
  • The viscosity of the rubber is reduced by shortening the polymer chain by mechanical shear and chemical action

Super fine Grade- SF

Superfine Grade is Highly Refined Superfine Reclaim Rubber . SF Grade Is Triple Strained.
It is mostly Used In Auto Tyres, Hose Pipes, Extruded Goods, Conveyor Belts And Rubber Moulded Goods

Medium – 555 Grade

Medium Grade is moderately Refined Reclaim Rubber which is double strained. This reclaim rubber is used in Auto Tyres, Conveyor Belts, Rubber Sheets And Rubber Moulded Goods.

COARSE – 444 Grade

Coarse Grade is Moderately refined reclaim rubber mostly used in Bicycle Tyres, Conveyor belts, Rubber Mats and rubber moulded goods. It is single strained.

DND Grade
DND grade is Fully Extruded Grade but it is Not in Sheets Form.
It is Extruded from Extruder and is in thin cylindrical form.
It is mostly used in Rubber Sheets, Bicycle Tyre &, Rubber Mats etc.


  • Faster mixing cycle.
  • Improved die swell.
  • Reduction in consumption of electrical power due to nerve of compound & faster mixing cycle.
  • Practically no reduction in hot air ageing properties.
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • High physical properties help retaining compound properties
  • Higher dosage of reclaim can be considered
  • Increases scorch safety of compound. Higher dosage of reclaim will further reduce cost of compound


  • Auto tyres
  • Precured retreads
  • Cycle tyres
  • Solid tyres
  • Conveyor belts
  • Matting
  • Footwear
  • Adhesives.
  • Extruded articles.
  • Quality molded goods.
  • Calendared products