Polyester Belting Fabric

Polyester Belting Fabrics are used as reinforcement material in Conveyor belts and other mechanical rubber equipment for transmission of material or energy. Polyester belting fabrics have high water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibers. They are less fire resistant and can melt when ignited.
We offers a wide range of polyester belting fabrics for Belts used in Mining, Infrastructure, Cement, Steel, Power transmission and Food industry.
Conveyor belts are used throughout industry for transporting materials. Uses of flat conveyor belts, power transmission belts and V-belts for power transmission are to be found in almost all major industries for transporting materials. Their applications are very varied, from carrying small items in light industry or supermarkets, to carrying mining installations

These are available in EP 100,EP 125,EE150,EP 160,EP 200,EP 250,EP 300,EP 350,EP 400,Widths 820-1620 mm.
Also EE100, EE125,EE150 ,EE 160,EE 200,EE 250,EE 300,EE 350,EE400,Widths 820-1620mm