Butyl Reclaim Rubber

Recycled out of pure scrap BUTYL RUBBER TUBES, SPI’s butyl reclaim is a unique product with the minimum tensile strength of 8.50MPA.

Star butyl reclaim is unique product with minimum tensile Strength of 8.50mpa. Its main applications are butyl inner tubes, butyl cables outer cover, adhesives etc.

The use of our product ensures decrease in calendaring and extrusion temperatures during the production stage. It also reduces die-swell and air permeability, thus improving the flex fatigue resistance qualities of the end product.


  • Faster mixing cycle.
  • Improved die swell.
  • Increases scorch safety of compound.
  • Reduced power consumption due to nerve of compound.
  • Practically no reduction in hot air ageing properties.


  • Fuel and lubricant additive.
  • Explosives.
  • Sporting equipment.
  • Damp proofing and roof repair.
  • Gas masks and chemical agent protection.
  • Pharmaceutical stoppers.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Tyres.
  • chevron right.
  • Cable inner compound.
  • Sound dampener.
  • Waterproofing sheets.