Reclaiming Agent

We are a leading supplier of Reclaiming Agents and allied materials to the Reclaim Rubber Industry. Today our name stands for quality, commitment and growth. Our Reclaiming Agents and allied materials are manufactured in accordance to internationally recognized quality standards and are suitable for different applications in Reclaim Rubber Industry
We are Sole Agents for Anhui Jinma, China ( One of the largest Reclaiming Agent ( RA ) manufacturing company across the globe.)

We have strategically placed Warehouses in Mumbai & Punjab along with fleet of trucks for handling Timely logistics.

It is a mixture of alkyl phenol compounds, widely used in the rubber powder’s devulcanization process in Reclaim Rubber production. We are one of the largest suppliers of highly effective odorless rubber regeneration activator (RA).We are Sole Agents in India for Anhui Jinma Rubber Additives Co.,Ltd. China.(One of the largest Reclaiming Agent (RA) manufacturing company across the globe.

The most popular and widely used grade is RA-480.

RA – 480 is preferred over all other RA’s due to following benefits: