Natural Tube Reclaim ( T-1010)

Natural Tube Reclaim Rubber is recycled out of natural rubber tube scrap with well-equipped and modernized machinery. Today the use of natural reclaim rubber is widespread, ranging from household to industrial products.
It is super high refined reclaim rubber widely used in automotive tubes, hoses pipes and high quality auto parts, its main properties are its smooth surface and free from any grains. The vulcanization properties of our natural tube reclaim makes it particularly suitable for a variety of Natural Rubber tube products.
Our Finished Products will be in the form of Black Sheets about 7mm in thickness and 1000 mm ×700 mm. (Length × Breadth).


  • Extruded parts.
  • Hoses pipes.
  • Conveyor belts, Rubber Belts.
  • Auto tubes, truck tubes, cycle tubes, Rubber Tubes and other rubber molding products.


  • Low calendaring, mixing and extrusion temperature.
  • Improved penetration of fabric and cord.
  • Lower swelling and shrinking during extrusion and calendaring.
  • Increased tack.
  • Lower raw material cost.
  • Less masticating with easy incorporation.
  • Faster Mixing & Extrusion.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Replaces virgin Natural Rubber & helps in reduction of compound cost.
  • Improved Extrusion Quality & Rate with better control on Dimensions.
  • Good tack in compound.
  • Reduction in splicing defects.
  • Reduced Power Consumption.
  • Proved reversion and ageing performance of natural rubber compounds.